Advanced Scientific Research is a premier international publisher with Salem, India as its head quarters diffusing across the globe covering all the nations worldwide. It identifies the better than the best competent, erudite and experienced Academicians in all subjects of vast diversity covering complete Science, Engineering and Technology, Bio-sciences, English language and literature, Managerial studies, Social sciences etc.

Society for Communication and Computer Technologies (SCCTS) promotes technological innovation and fosters creation and sharing of information among the global technical community. The Society provides services to members for their technical and professional advancement and forums for technical exchanges among professionals in academia, industry, and public institutions. Founded at the advanced technological era, SCCT’s reach extends to every part of the globe. Its growing membership has led to Councils that fostering communication and computer technologies opportunities that strengthen ties within and across countries and technical communities



To bring the world together in harmony through communication and computer technologies research, application, education, and incubation of new ideas.


  • Acceptance of what is good for the global society
  • Rejection of what is bad for the global society
  • Acquisition of knowledge is the universal right of every citizen of the globe
  • Originality and creativity are twin edges of every international publication
  • Knowledge of all streams is the source of intellectual as well as economic development of the global society


Each international journal on each stream is headed by highly talented and competent Editorial Board under the supervision and guidance of a highly qualified and well experienced intellectual personality.


Keeping the emerging needs of the students at post-graduation level and the ever growing requirements of research scholars in view, PUBLICATIONS endeavors to invite papers in all the subjects for publication in its international journals after proper scrutiny and effective review. Syntehsishubpublications ever aims and publishes “BETTER THAN THE BEST” in all branches of knowledge. ASR publications also is the international platform for conferences and seminars, symposia and workshops for scholars and learners on one hand and Academicians and intellectual personalities of global eminence and excellence on the other.